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Mona Lisa Touch

Mona Lisa Touch

Introducing the Mona Lisa Touch®:
Rediscover Your Vibrant Feminine Health at Caronette Fibroid & Pelvic Wellness Center (CFPWC) with
Dr. O. Lawrence Stitt III

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward optimal pelvic wellness? At CFPWC, we are proud to offer the revolutionary MonaLisa Touch® laser treatment, an FDA-approved solution that will rejuvenate your vaginal health and restore your vitality. Say goodbye to vaginal atrophy, dryness, and discomfort, and embrace a life of pleasure and confidence.


Dr. O. Lawrence Stitt III and our esteemed team understand that vaginal atrophy can be a distressing condition caused by estrogen deficiency. Whether you’re experiencing the symptoms of menopause, have undergone a hysterectomy, or are undergoing cancer treatment, we’re here to provide you with a safe and effective solution. The MonaLisa Touch, a cutting-edge non-surgical technique, utilizes advanced laser technology to revitalize your genital tissue, delivering remarkable results without incisions or lengthy recovery periods.

How does the Mona Lisa Touch work its magic? Our state-of-the-art CO2 laser gently removes dry skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to restore the natural strength and elasticity of your vaginal walls. As a result, you’ll experience improved lubrication and enhanced comfort during intercourse, allowing you to reclaim a satisfying and enjoyable sex life.

Experience the Caronette difference with the MonaLisa Touch treatment. Your journey to rejuvenation begins with three quick and convenient in-office sessions, spaced six weeks apart. Each session lasts no longer than five minutes, providing remarkable results with minimal time investment. Rest assured, Dr. Stitt and our compassionate team will ensure your comfort throughout the process. We can even apply a local anesthetic cream to further enhance your experience, so you can relax and indulge in the transformative benefits of this remarkable procedure.

When it comes to safety, the MonaLisa Touch sets the gold standard. The advanced laser technology is meticulously designed to eliminate the risk of burning the skin, providing you with peace of mind throughout your treatment journey. At Caronette Fibroid & Pelvic Wellness Center, your well-being is our top priority, and we take every measure to ensure a safe and successful procedure.

Who can benefit from the MonaLisa Touch? The answer is simple: women seeking an effective, non-hormonal solution for their pelvic wellness. Whether you’re perimenopausal, post-menopausal, breastfeeding, have a history of stroke or heart disease, or have undergone a hysterectomy, the MonaLisa Touch is an excellent choice for rejuvenating your intimate health. With its minimally invasive nature and virtually no side effects, this innovative procedure offers a compelling alternative to major surgery or hormone replacement therapy.

Don’t let vaginal atrophy hold you back from living your best life—consult with Dr. Stitt at CFPWC today to determine if the MonaLisa Touch is the perfect solution for you.

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