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Leading Fibroid and Pelvic Wellness Care in Maryland

Caronette Fibroid and Pelvic Wellness Center offers state-of-the-art fibroid treatment and holistic pelvic care in Maryland. Discover a new path to health and well-being with our expert team.”

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Revolutionizing Women's Health with Expert Fibroid Care in Maryland

Welcome to Caronette Fibroid & Pelvic Wellness Center (CFPWC), your premier center for state-of-the-art laparoscopic GYN surgery and empathetic patient care. At the heart of our center is a commitment to providing relief and solutions to women grappling with fibroids, endometriosis, and a spectrum of complex GYN issues.

Our leadership under the esteemed Dr. O. Lawrence Stitt III, recognized as Maryland’s leading Fibroid expert, and our cadre of proficient GYN surgeons, are at the forefront of advancing minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques that transform lives.

Our specialized procedures, including fertility-preserving fibroid removal, precise endometriosis excision, and comprehensive gynecological treatments, are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.

We aim to transcend the relief of symptoms, focusing on rejuvenating your wellbeing and reigniting the joy in your life. With open hearts, we warmly welcome you to begin a transformative journey to wellness and the reawakening of your most dynamic self.

Meet Dr. O. Lawrence Stitt III – Your Trusted Fibroid Specialist

Dr. Stitt specializes in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. He helps women with a wide range of gynecological conditions, including abnormal bleeding, fibroids and endometriosis.

In his younger years, Dr. Stitt came to realize that the human body was the most complex machine imaginable, and that the female body was more complex than the male body because of its role in reproduction and its delicate balance of hormones. He was fascinated by his understanding of how things work.

Dr. Stitt also realized early on that women face significant challenges accessing health care and having their concerns taken seriously. He saw obstetrics and gynecology as the perfect field in which to offer women the care and respect they deserve while leveraging his skills as a surgeon and knowledge of their unique physiology.

Meet Dr. O. Lawrence Stitt III – Your Trusted Fibroid Specialist

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